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【大忘年会ゲーム】 English

Takenoko Nyokki Game
1. To start the game, everyone shouts out [Takenoko Takenoko Nyokkikki!]
2. Add a number in ascending order before the word "Nyokki",
  for example: "ichi nyokki" then "ni nyokki", players has to try to shout out
  the fastest number as the game will end when the last number is called.
3. When shouting out the "[#number] nyokki", everyone has to perform the "takenoko" action.
4. The game ends when the last number is called.
  For example, a group of 5, when it reaches "go nyokki",
  the last caller is the loser and the game ends.
  In between, if 2 person called out at the same time, both the callers loses.
5. The loser will get out from the game, and the people remained will restart the game
  from the beginning.
6. The game ends when just one person (or two) is remained and he/she will be the winner!

Big Karuta Card Game
1. Scatter the Kana cards on the floor.
2. Appoint two persons from each group to be represents (“A” and “B”).
3. Based on the question which the judge said, discuss the answers with your groups.
4. “A” retrieves a card from the floor and gives it to “B”.
5. After “B” receives the card from “A”, “A” can retrieve a new card again.
6. The group which spelled the answer correctly wins.
7. Answering time will start and end according to the judge,
  please show your answers after you finish.
8. Due the safety measures, please do not push or scramble, otherwise you will be disqualified.

The Sixth-Sense Test
If the MC says “the longest…”, you have to guess which part of “the longest…” is the MC talking about. It might be “the longest legs”, “the longest neck ” or even “the longest hair”. You have to guess which part is the MC expecting and send one representative from your group who has the longest WHATEVER. Other groups might send representatives with the same expectation as yours, while some might not. When the MC announces the answer and your group brought the right person, then your group will get points.

※ Once the representative have stepped out, there is no way to change the representative.
※ One representative must be sent within 1 minute or your group would be disqualified.





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